I’m hungry…

…for this:

silly piggies eat all the gluten and dairy and eggs and soy and corn and...

oink! oink! oink!

But there’s no way I can have it.

See, I’m on the other side of a delightful disease known as topical steroid withdrawal.

Long story, but the main thing you need to know is that for over a year, I’ve become allergic to or intolerant of most foods, including plenty of the “super” ones. Avocados. Mangoes. Grass fed beef. A big chunk of life was spent scrambling for nibbles while my list of safe foods dwindled til I could float it in a Cheerio innertube like in Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Thank God I never became anaphylactic, but I can definitely relate to anyone who has to navigate “normal” life with the burden of food restriction.

So now that life is currently a bit more manageable, I want to share what I’ve experienced and learned, as playfully and comedically as I can. God knows, the worst trigger of all is stress. I’ll also do my best to offer some perspective in the gentle, friendly way I know is so necessary while going through something so painful and confusing like this.

I also LOVE playing in the kitchen, but skill-wise, I’m a novice. So I’ll test out recipes and give you the real scoop on how they turn out. I am a firm believer in food that tastes good, looks foodlike, and is simple to make, no matter how short your food list is.

And while I believe fresh meals from scratch are healthiest… let’s be real. When you’re dealing with food restrictions, especially when it’s compounded with chronic illness, you just need to be fed. That’s why I’ll also taste test packaged convenience foodstuffs and give you my best analysis of the value vs. cost.

God forbid, I don’t claim to be an expert, and I’m not offering medical advice. I’ve been blessed to have a rockstar of a doctor, and a highly supportive community around me, and I just want to pass those blessings along. If you just need a place to vent, a place to laugh, or a place to be reminded that you’re doing the best you can, I hope I can offer some of that for you.

Much love,

Jaclyn, aka amicamea